This is a unified resource of JavaScript snippets all wrapped up into an easy to use tool.

Some of the scripts had been part of my daily toolkit, others have been added over time thanks to suggestions and feedback from users. It's important to note that this tool is not supported by Shopify so don't bother them with your support requests. This part should be obvious, but use this tool at your own risk.

The current version of the Chrome Extension has over 10,000 active users and will remain a continued work in progress. For a running commentary on the features and updates check the freakdesign blog or the thread on the Shopify forums. You may want to follow the public development on GitHub (which is also the place to leave bug reports), or follow me on twitter.

ShopifyFD Features

Not every feature, but some of the handier ones...

Inline Metafield Editing

No longer do you need to open another window to edit your Metafields. Everything happens within the dashboard, on the same page.

Bulk Metafield updates

Bulk editing of metafields is probably not a great idea for most but for those brave souls that want it, the option is there...

Copy Shipping Rates

Stores needing to ship to the EU can have a hard time creating all those shipping rules. Copy and Paste saves you time, more time for vodka.


A backup of the editor contents can help save you from embarassing screw ups. Let's hope you never need to use it. (but you will)

Tag Toggle

Buttons have been added to let you add all or remove all tags. There's also a bulk tagging option for the lazy (aka: efficient!).

Show Variant IDs

Grabbing the variant ID is a real pain. This makes it a billion time easier.

Shortcut buttons

Lots of little button and quick links have been added to save the back and forth between the main menu.

Bulk Asset Upload

When you need to add a bunch of files to the themes asset folder you'll understand why this exists...

Install and Support Development

To help me continue development on this tool consider leaving a tip (especially if you've used this on a project you're charging for). To install the bookmarklet simply drag the Shopify button below your browser bar.

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ShopifyFD also has a handy side tool called Custom Fields

Custom Fields adds - well this states the obvious - custom fields to the Shopify admin interface. The Custom Fields tool is a handy way to give store owners a neat and simple way to edit metafields and avoid possible explosions.